Down time fun in Korea

I am going to to this post in English for some of the outside Denmark visitors coming by my blog these days, and after getting requests during the year i have been thinking of switching over to an english blog. Time will tell how things will progress.

Today rain is pouring down here in Korea, so there has been some time to play around on the computer and get some photos and clips together from the previous days. Over the last few weeks it has developed into a small sport for my frinds and i to get our lives online and show the world what we as windsurfers do at home, at training and now on tour.

Yesterday i was hanging out with my freind Arnon Dagan looking out on the water and we spottet our PWA chairman Jimmy Diaz sailing for ages on the water, and we were quite impressed by his performance. Only when he came back to shore we realised it was not Jimmy Diaz but a freind from Japan with almost identical equipment.

Jimmy Diaz

So we decided to head over and see who it was. Yeah, sitting around on the beach will make you do funny things. Check out our little interview.

[vimeo width=”630″ height=”370″][/vimeo]

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4 thoughts on “Down time fun in Korea”

  1. Thank you for the post of my friend Iwasaki-san and his chat with Arnon. He did not realize his sailing was good enough to look as if Chairman Diaz were sailing, but he was surely glad to be posted. I hope you could make friends with Japanese racers there and come down to our beach some time in the future!!

  2. Hello Kurt-san
    We love to meet new windsurfers from around the world, and coming to Korea gives us an opportunity to show the rest of the world that our fantastic sport exists in every part of the world, and that that you can find a high level of windsurfing anywhere you go.

    We would love to visit the beaches of Japan as well and meet the Japanese racers. For me personally, when the opportunity rises, you will see me there.

    Have a nice day
    Kurosh Kiani

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